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A creative consortium established to help inspire, motivate, empower and educate.  We are diverse professionals joining forces to develop and produce resources and programs to help individuals, groups, families, and students. Our blogs, books, programs and podcasts are aimed at encouraging the lifelong pursuit of greater knowledge, personal empowerment, and exposure to diverse ideas, perspectives and themes. 
GoBrainy® is committed to promoting personal empowerment and achievement by supplying programs, books, blogs and podcasts that provide opportunities to expand the learning process and encourage lifelong learning. 
We are changing lives one mind at a time!
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POiSED - A Girl's Guide to Empowerment & Achievement™ 
A unique book for teens available in paperback or as an Ebook for convenience.  
Empower girls with six essential keys to success.  
Use the POiSED book to help build self-esteem, character and bright futures!

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Andrew Taliaferro!™
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A Girl's Guide to 
& Achievement™ 
A character and self-esteem building program using the POiSED book for teen girls.  A great resource implemented by individuals or in a group setting.
Inspirational videos on life, music, food and health.  A Touch the Sphere™ production by a Harvard Medical School student. 
Touch the Sphere™is a blog by a Harvard medical student, global health advocate, music lover, and foodie.  This is an inspirational space aimed at informing communities, examining issues, highlighting disparities, and encouraging others to reach out and Touch the Sphere™! 
POiSED Chicks™ is a sisterhood of women of all ages. Moms,daughters, sisters,and friends living out loud with passion, promise, and purpose! The POiSED Chicks™ blog is a safe place to inspire, encourage and promote self empowerment while helping each other on this special journey called life. 
Professional Development and Family Involvement workshops for teachers, administrators, support staff and parents. These workshops and resources provide educators and families the tools they need to build an effective partnership for learning. Students benefit from the firm foundation created by schools and communities that work together to improve education.
We want to help you become an effective, confident, articulate communicator.  This one-on-one service will help you express yourself like a pro. Personalized lessons, strategic tips,and guided practice will help you get the results you want and need.
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