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GoBrainy® is committed to assisting schools, educators, students and families. Experienced consultants are ready to provide services to meet your needs.  
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Professional Development and Family Involvement workshops for teachers, administrators, support staff and parents. These workshops and resources provide educators and families the tools they need to build an effective partnership for learning. Students benefit from the firm foundation created by schools and communities that work together to improve education.
Our Workshops
Parent Involvement - The Key to Student Success

This workshop is designed for parents and provides a model for effective home and school collaboration.  Effective communication strategies are explored.  The correlation between student success, parent engagement and school partnerships will be reviewed. 

Effective Communication:  Building Home & School Partnerships

This workshop is designed for school staff and parents. Effective home to school communication models are provided and discussed.  Methods for establishing and strengthening school and family partnerships are explored.  Volunteer opportunities are highlighted and discussed.

Extending Learning Beyond the School Day

This workshop is designed for parents.  Effective strategies for expanding educational activities to provide continuity of learning for students during after-school hours and breaks. Home learning activities to support student success will be discussed and aligned with best practices. 

*Advocacy Training for Parents

Professional Development Workshops for Educators and School Staff

  • Creating a Welcoming School Climate

  • Classroom Management and Organization

  • Professionalism in the Workplace

  • Accessing Community Resources

Our Consultant Coordinator
Our Consultant Coordinator is ready to help you!

Rosalee Johnson, B.A., M.A.

​Mrs. Johnson is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of experience in the field of education. Her career includes service as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, Coordinator of Title I programs, Area Coordinator for Practical Parenting Partnerships, and as an adjunct professor at Harris Stowe State University.  Mrs. Johnson was awarded the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Outstanding Leadership Award for exemplary service to Missouri's children and families.

Her commitment and dedication make her an excellent partner for schools and families.  Her work with GoBrainy® is aimed at improving the quality of public education and strengthening home and school relations.  For more information:
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